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SMW specialises in all aspects of Construction.

We operate in an industry where the trust of the customer is vital, and have developed a reputation for integrity, reliability and for successfully completing even the most challenging of projects. Our job begins even before building work commences, getting to know you, our client, and your specific requirements. Each project, say custom built home or building designed and built by SMW will involve client discussions on the required design & construction process, evaluation of the site followed by custom architectural plans and planning requirements. Our job only ends when all parties are satisfied.

We will help you plan and design your new home or building and take your project from concept to completion in a timely and cost effective manner. Where we engage in full ownership of a project, we guide you through communication and day to day decision making, liaising with other industry contacts involved in the process on your behalf. We work closely with you, maintaining a two way dialogue throughout to ensure our work realizes your vision.

Any unpredicted alterations to the course of the project are handled professionally, to minimize the impact on budget and reduce stress for you the client. We look after everything for the client, our experienced team will provide detailed management and reporting, expert craftsmanship, superior construction services and transparent communication every step of the way.