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Facility Management

SMW offers a range of core property and facilities management services.

Property management is essentially looking after every aspect of a property, from managing the use and occupancy of a building, admin and legal compliance issues, and undertaking repairs and maintenance of the building itself. We provide letting services, sourcing credible local tenants on your behalf.

For holiday homes, we will provide all the property management necessary, ensuring that properties are at all times kept to high standards. We will deal with the day-to-day upkeep of a properties (holiday homes and rentals), offering expert advice to increase your revenue, lifecycle, energy efficiency and return on investment on a property or property portfolio. As well as houses, flats and other residential properties, we look after commercial premises. Why outsource your property management to us?

Manage Your Facility with SMW.

At SMW, we see ourselves as your outsourced property directors. We support you in managing your property, leaving you to do what you do best. Whether you have a small property or a large block of flats to maintain, we can take care of all the operational, financial and compliance aspects of property, as well as planned and reactive maintenance.

We're passionate about delivering high quality customer service. You'll benefit from a single point of contact. Our objective is to provide fully managed and integrated services, so that you can focus on the bigger things. SMW will take away the hassle of organising paperwork and leases, rent collection, chasing money and property upkeep. We offer fully transparent and open-book costing, with bespoke reporting according to your needs.

Working With Passion

Working With Passion

We committed to meeting and exceeding our clients aspirations by delivering the highest quality product.

Friendly Environment

Friendly Environment

We are keen to involve all parties on projects as early as possible.

Budgets & Benefits

Budgets & Benefits

We produce a full set of drawings including specifications for planning and construction using the latest computer aided softwares such as, Revit, Autocad, etc.