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Construction Partners

No two construction projects are alike, but the one element common to each is a foundation of trust.

Our clients need a partner they can count on — one who will work closely with them to achieve not just their construction goals, but also broader relationship and commitment. Our recipe for success starts with better planning, a solid strategy and committed, excellent and reliable team.

From there on, we collaborate and learn from each other — leveraging the core skills, knowledge and contribution of each other – SMW and clients. It’s therefore important to us that we get it right the first time — not just during construction, but from the planning stage through to completion and beyond. We have a diversity of clients ranging from clients wanting to put up a simple domestic structures to multi storey buildings.

Our Partners

MUTEC Construction

Mutec boasts of a wide market stretching as far as Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, Sudan, DR Congo and across the country.

KK Architects

An architect company that proud its with unique and stylish architectural design.

SMW Consulting Engineers

SMW consulting engineers are the leading engineering consultancy firm, specialising in the full range of consulting engineers duties associated with building services, energy and environmental sectors.